Books & Blues Italian Style


Several years ago, Seba Pezzani – writer, translator, musician, facilitator – invited me to take part in Dal Mississippi al Po, the festival of American music – largely blues, with a strong country accent – and American or American-influenced fiction, held in and around Piacenza in Northern Italy.

I had a great time, sharing meals around a large communal table, the days punctuated by espressos standing at one or other café counter; the pleasures of hanging out with American author and guitarist James Sallis, whom I already knew a little, and with the Norwegian writer (and sheep farmer) Kjell Ola Dahl, whom I was meeting for the first time and who has since become a good friend.

Excellent, then, to be invited back this July, to preview the publication in Italy this October by Foschi Editore of the third Resnick novel, Cutting Edge, in a translation by Seba himself.  Two days in northern Italy, two days journeying there and back by train.

2.cutting edge





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