More from France …

Well, I now have a regular monthly column, partly culled from this blog, in the German online magazine, CulturMag, where it is published in the original English, so I figured why not offer up something relevant from the French crime blog Le Blog du Polar de Velda in the original French?

So, for those of you who are fluent French speakers or want to revive what they learned in their school days, [or warily tiptoe their way using Google Translate] here is a link to an account of the truncated Noir Sur La Ville festival in Lamballe, Brittany, with photographs of authors present and a summary of the interview I gave at the town’s library on the festival’s opening evening.


JH at the Bibliotheque Lamballe

And here is a link to the same blog’s review of Darkness, DarknessTénèbres, Ténèbres.

Merci à tous …


JH at the Bibliotheque Lamballe



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