Music for the New Year

Music for the New Year comes in two parts. First, the CDs/Albums that have found their way most often onto the stereo ….





Dreaming My Dreams (Remastered)

And second, the tracks that came up yesterday on my kitchen-bound iPod shuffle …

  • Donall Og : Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill & Dónal Lunny
  • Private Life : Grace Jones
  • Aretha : Rumer
  • Never Not You (Remember to Breathe) : Girlboy
  • Streets of Baltimore : Gram Parsons
  • Is This America? (Katrina 2005) : Charlie Haden
  • My Father : Judy Collins
  • Stalin wasn’t Stallin’ : Robert Wyatt
  • 22 : Lily Allen
  • Still Crazy After All These Years : Paul Simon
  • Pancho & Lefty : Townes Van Zandt
  • One Good Year : Slaid Cleaves
  • Luka : Suzanne Vega

Happy Listening!

Author: John Harvey


2 thoughts on “Music for the New Year”

  1. We’d be well happy listening to that little lot! Always loved the Waylon album (and Marianne Faithfull’s cover of the title track); if Keith and Charlie is half as good as ‘The Melody At Night, With You’ then that’ll more than do and that Rumer album was one of the best of the last decade. It’s not too late to say Happy New Year (or even, more belatedly, Happy Birthday) is it? Best J & T

  2. I really should get more digital in my listening! I tend to bung on a CD and listen to it all the way through because I like the way my brain kind of knows what’s coming next! Arvo Part’s Te Deum was on my CD player a lot during December. Last night, though, I wallowed in Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch – which you really can’t listen to on shuffle! Happy New Year!

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