Everyday Heroes at the South Bank

Having stuttered in and out of the clouds since early morning, the sun was clearly shining; my therapeutic but painful 30 minutes of neck massage was over and my partner, Sarah, had awarded herself a few hours away from the computer. The open air Everyday Heroes exhibition was all around the South Bank Centre – and there’s a train from Kentish Town to Blackfriars every ten or twenty minutes …

Lydia Blakeley : ‘Jacqui’ 2020

Silvia Rosi : ‘Brother Studying on Phone ‘ 2020
Silvia Rosi : Brother Studying on Phone – [Detail
Benjamin Senior : ‘The Market Stall’ 2020
Juergen Teller : ‘Natalie’ + ‘Stephen’ 2020
Caroline Walker : ‘Elaine’ 2020
Caroline Walker : ‘Elaine’ 2020 [detail]

Author: John Harvey


2 thoughts on “Everyday Heroes at the South Bank”

  1. Thanks, Nikki. Trying, somewhat belatedly, to follow, photographically, in my daughter, Molly’s footsteps.

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