Three Poems for National Poetry Day

One oldish one, two newer … Please read and enjoy …

Failed Sonnet Home

The windowboxes outside the Clocktower Café 
are delerious with bloom. Cappuccino with 
chocolate and cinnamon. Blueberry muffin. 
How many more days can the sky sustain
this absurdity of blue? I can taste vanilla 
from the pines. And you. You know the other day 
Jake drove me to Truckee in his van 
and in Safeway I was stalled mid-aisle 
by the scent of that hot-buttered toast 
we shared before you drove me to the train. 
How far we are away! Crimson columbine, 
black centre of violet pansy, its yellow eye – 
one thing you learn here: how little soil 
it takes to nourish the most stubborn root.

– from Out of Silence, 2014

Early Autumn

The first leaves curl inwards
tinged with brown;
first conkers on the ground

Getz’s saxophone winds its way
sinuous and not a little cold
around the sinews of the tune

We stamp our feet
reach for that extra layer
look upwards in search of the sun

– from Summer Notebook, 2021

Another Heath Poem

Just shy of noon and under a lowering sky,
I sit watching the wind
twist the meadow grass this way and that
and think of the passing of years 
and the suppleness of the earth beneath

The only sounds, a distant plane
and, deep in the tree line,
a raucous argument of crows.

– from Summer Notebook, 2021


Author: John Harvey


2 thoughts on “Three Poems for National Poetry Day”

  1. “…suppleness of the earth beneath” is a marvelous image. Darwin’s last book (and most popular then) was about his research on earthworms, moving the soil about; and there’s the way earth heaves under mass graves.

  2. Thanks, Bert! Praise from a fellow poet always worth its weight in … well, worth its weight.

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