For a while I was a teacher of English and Drama in secondary schools, twelve years altogether, mid-sixties to early seventies, after which I fell into writing and spent half a dozen years learning my craft turning out what’s best described as pulp fiction – fast, generic, 128 pages, westerns and biker novels, movie tie-ins, teen romances – then made a neat side-step into script writing for television and radio, some of it original, but mostly adaptations – Graham Greene, A. S. Byatt, Arnold Bennett, Paul Scott – before returning to fiction with “Lonely Hearts”, the first of a dozen crime novels culminating in “Darkness, Darkness”, all set in Nottingham and featuring Charlie Resnick, my best known character, though there have been others, Frank Elder for one and Jack Kiley for another. During much of that time I was editing and publishing poetry via Slow Dancer Magazine and Press and writing some myself, the most recent of which, along with the best of the rest, was collected in “Out of Silence” in 2014.

Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to notch up a number of awards and prizes, amongst them the CWA Silver Dagger for Fiction in 2004, the CWA Short Story Dagger in 2014, and the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for Sustained Excellence in Crime Writing in 2007. I’ve been honoured to receive an Honorary Degree, Doctor of Letters, from the University of Nottingham in 2009 and, again, from the University of Hertfordshire in 2013.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just taking a step or two back from the coal face. Hope you continue to find things of interest on the new blog.

  2. Many years ago as a uniformed Police Officer in Kilburn, London, I noticed a number of Cannabis plants growing in the lounge of a flat. I duly visited the address and met with Angus Wells, to be brief I found he was a lovely man and such when I presented the case at the magistrates they felt a more lenient sentence should be issued to Angus. After court Angus thanked me and said he would dedicate his next book to me. The Wrath of Ashar was published and dedicated to me. Additionally Angus wrote in the book ‘How good are you at Anagrams’ I am assuming it may be linked to the title but I have never been able to fathom out what he meant. I tell you this story in the hope that a freind of Angus Wells may read this and have an insight for me. Many thanks Stephen

  3. Hi, Stephen … Love your story! I was actually staying with Angus at his flat off and on during that period and heard the it from his point of view. I’m glad you liked him; he was a genuinely nice man. You might know that he died in 2006, sadly as the result of a fire in his home in Nottingham, caused by falling asleep with a lit cigarette. Unfortunately, I can’t help to decipher his comment in your book!

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