Crime Vault Live

The 4th instalment of Crime Vault Live, a monthly podcast in which Michael Carlson and Mark Billingham, amidst considerable banter, discuss and dissect whatever’s new on the crime scene horizon – books, films, TV shows – in addition to harking back to the glory days of yesteryear [is that where I come in?] is now available (you can link to it here).

Subjects for discussion this month included the new biography of John LeCarre, the movie, “Black Mass” and the novels of George V. Higgins – in the midst of which Mike and Mark quizzed me about my writing, old, new and, yes, forthcoming.

It was a lot of fun to make and I think that comes through.

Mike Carlson has written about this episode on his invaluable blog, Irresistible Targets. Here’s part of what he had to say …

Mark Billingham and I greet John Harvey, one of the greatest of British crime writers, creator of Resnick, and as I point out, in many ways one of the last of the old style pulpsmiths. And it’s the place John makes a stunning announcement about an unexpected new novel! It’s a wide-ranging show highlighted by our INTERROGATION of John. I managed to avoid discussing his Clint Eastwoody western series, Hart the Regulator (of which I have a complete set of the old paperbacks) which has books with titles taken, as this blog’s was, from John Stewart. Nor his excellent but now overlooked stand-alone thrillers Frame and Blind, and I spared you further discussion of his poetry magazine Slow Dancer (where I first encountered John when he printed some of my poems) and we should have talked about his own poetry. But listen to his take on the introduction of Paul Christopher in one of Charles McCarry’s novels.

You can read the rest here … and I commend it to your attention.


All Together Now …

Aside from being called a “Living Legend” by presenter Mike Carlson on last night’s recording of The Crime Vault Live ** (a kiss of death if there ever was one) one of the nicest and most surprising compliments I’ve been paid occurred at the end of a  question and answer session I’d been taking part in with students from the Lycée Henri Avril in Lamballe, Brittany, recently, when a number of them rushed up afterwards (actually, they walked) and asked if I would join them in a group selfie. I’m the one in the cap.

From my rt. shoulder: Leslie, Colombe, Léa, Morgane, Léna and Alexandre

From my rt. shoulder: Leslie, Colombe, Léa, Morgane, Léna and Alexandre

From the left: Lisa, Maïwenn, Chloé, Jean and Jean-Loup

From the left: Lisa, Maïwenn, Chloé, Jean and Jean-Loup

** Episode 4 of the monthly podcast, The Crime Vault Live, in which I’m the guest of Mike Carlson and Mark Billingham, will be available for download in the next few days.