Rambling … the Chess Valley

Lovely little walk this: Metropolitan line north to Chalfont & Latimer and the edge of the Chilterns, pass a few suburban rows of Tudorbethan houses and you’re out in open country, soon making a small detour to the village of Latimer, where we take advantage of the bench on the village green to sample the coffee from our Thermos and share a KitKat, then we’re back on track, following the river past the watercress beds until, with a short climb, we reach Holy Cross Church close to Sarratt, where the cemetery benches provide the perfect lunch spot [cheese, banana & mango chutney on wholemeal seeded, since you ask] after which we cross the road to the garden of the Cock Inn to quench our thirst and use the facilities. In the past, we’ve made a circular walk of it, past the village of Chenies and through woodland, but this time, on the principle that things look different when approached from another direction, we go back the way we came.












Author: John Harvey


2 thoughts on “Rambling … the Chess Valley”

  1. Lovely walk – and photos. The only “but”: I would have brought Penguins in stead of KitKats 🙂

  2. Lovely photos – people who don’t know those northern reaches of London don’t realize how much lovely countryside there is round there – Essex ditto. We lived in various part of North London and then near St Albans, and explored the countryside in search of nice pubs and/or collectors’ fairs and farm shops, and were generally rewarded! But I worry so for the future of the Green Belt – once it’s gone, it’s gone (like closed-down libraries). A Thermos and a Kitkat – what more could you ask for on an autumn walk?

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