Chet Baker Framed!

Bernie Collett liked my poem about Chet Baker so much he asked a friend, who was well practised in calligraphy, to write it out for him so that he could have it framed and put up on the wall. Looks rather fine, don’t you think?

chet baker poem 005

Readers of Michael Connelly’s The Drop might recall that Harry Bosch treated the same poem in a similar fashion.

My thanks to all concerned.



Author: John Harvey


2 thoughts on “Chet Baker Framed!”

  1. LOVE this! And adore Chet Baker, often fall asleep listening to him. May have to name one of our dogs Chet Baker one of these days. Don’t think he’d mind. Any chance of you going to St Hilda’s Mystery Conf. in Oxford this August? I’ll be across the pond and would to see you in person~

  2. Good to hear from you. I’m afraid, though, St.Hilda’s has never quite crossed my radar. A little too Agatha for me, perhaps? But enjoy … and keep listening to Chet.

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